As Christians, we know that worship answers the call of the believer’s heart. We yearn for authentic, inspiring, convicting encounters with the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. We thirst for a cool drink of the Water of Life. We long for “the old, old story” to be written on hearts prepared for service. Jacks Creek intends for the Sunday morning worship service to speak to the yearnings of our spirit.

In the 1990s, the leadership at “the Creek” reconceived the typical worship program intending to create a more connected, more thoughtful worship experience while leaving room for God’s Spirit to work in the hearts of leaders and followers alike. The Sunday morning worship service at Jacks Creek allows the congregation to engage in extended periods of praise, prayer, communion and study.

Family Time

As our morning assembly begins, the Jacks Creek community shares news about church events, family milestones and prayer requests. Each prayer item mentioned receives prayer during the service, and during the week as specific members agree to lift these prayer requests before the throne of God.

Following the “family time prayer,” one of the men in the congregation reads an assigned portion of scripture. The “extended scripture reading” is presented in context and often relates to themes developed during the praise service and the sermon.


Praise Service

The praise service involves songs drawn from a variety of hymn traditions. Lyrics by Isaac Watts (Alas! And Did My Savior Bleed) and Stuart Townend (In Christ Alone) could appear in the same praise service. Always theme driven, the praise service directs the worshippers toward God-centered reflection, confession, and celebration of “what the Lord has done in me.” Cliff Thompson who has served as worship leader since 1997 leads the praise service.


We believe that the Lord’s Supper is the most important part of our worship service. Therefore, the communion takes approximately 15 minutes and includes thoughtful remarks led by different men each week. Talented women who bake our communion bread from scratch especially bless Jacks Creek.


The Sunday morning worship time concludes with a sermon drawn from God’s word. Currently Larry Moran leads the congregation through an in-depth consideration of God’s Word as it speaks to us.

The worship period concludes with a call to service as the worshiper is challenged not only to seek God’s forgiveness but to follow the gospel call to save a fallen world.